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While LIVING in Los Angeles, working as a Professional Make-up Artist and Stylist in Hollywood. One of my clients was Playboy Enterprise, Inc. I did the Make-up Art, Hair & Wardrobe Styling on the sets when I noticed a need for something ‘different’ in the world of Lingerie. So I started designed very unique one-of-a-kind pieces for our photo shoots, and the models, photographers and producers loved the pieces so much they used my pieces on the models in our shoots, and in 1991 Di Anne Bayus Exclusives made its first appearance with my new 2 Strap Thong concept, and continued to grace the models and get published on the pages of
Playboys Special Edition Magazines.

ORIGINALLY, the 2 Strap Thong, which I called ‘the Split*back’ at the time, was created from a re-creation I did on the bodysuit.
  The bodysuit is a shirt or a top connected to the bottoms or panty…a one piece. The bodysuit or one-piece was adorned by women young and old because it WORKED for us.  There was one little problem though…once you were all tucked into your clothes and it came time to relieve yourself…you found yourself working for the bodysuit. They tried putting snaps on the crotch, but that was even more work and was uncomfortable and not fun to sit on, and the snaps did not hold up in the washing machine over time. 
  The 2 Strap Thong is a smart approach for the bodysuit or one-piece under garment, the 2 straps are more comfortable then the traditional thong and can be moved to the side when you want you want. This makes a lot of sense if you are fully dressed in a suit or have pants or skirts on. You can work from the waist down when it comes time to relief yourself.  Depending on the skirt, you can just lift it up and not have to pull down anything.
 I then designed the 2 Strap version of a thong/panty, I think I have cover every variation of the 2 Strap thong since then. I have ¾ inch straps, 1” thick straps and 3” inch straps that can be worn a multitude of ways, I have styles with adjustors, and ties, clamps- so it can be snapped off- like a bra.
One could wear the 2 Strap version in 3 different ways, and you can turn the piece around and where the 2 Straps in the front...you can't do that with your traditonal thong.

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